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Vonne Williams is an investor, International Business Coach, and Tax Accountant committed to supporting entrepreneurs and young adults in creating generational wealth for themselves, their families and their communities.

When the market crashed in 2007 and after a very bad divorce later in that same year she found herself broke and living in her minivan. From that experience and the lessons that she learned, Vonne dedicates her life to forwarding others and herself in living the best financial life through personal development methodologies.

Vonne has a thriving tax practice in Harlem as well as being part of the Social Change Agents Institute.While being a Change Agent, she travels to South Africa to collaborate with Entrepreneurs in Johannesburg, Mafeking and Cape Town. Coaching is her passion but also enjoys researching stocks and real estate opportunities.

Vonne holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic Technology from Norfolk State University, a Certificate in Audio Engineering and Production from the Institute of Audio Research and is Certified Holistic Life Coach.

She also spent 6 years in the United States Army as a Communications Officer. She serves as Chair of the Board of Deacons and Chair of the Stewardship Ministry at her church where she shares her message of abundance and she speaks at numerous public schools and not-for-profits throughout the country encouraging others to dream big and follow their

"If you don’t believe that YOU are enough, you will never HAVE enough."

~ Vonne Williams

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